Your Passport to Business Success

"No business like show (and tell!) business..."

Participants in the FAMMOUSS® Foundations Program display their business skills at the Business Case competition on the final day - the Winning Team receives full refund of its tuition in addition to earning bragging rights!

The One-to-Three Week Power-Packed Business School!


FAMMOUSS® Foundations by Globapreneurs, the ultimate Ivy League powered Globapreneurs Certificate Program (with optional Columbia University Masterclasses following the program) combines the most essential elements of business education, typically taught in the top global business schools, at a rapid yet deeply structured manner. In fact, it goes beyond as it covers certain sophisticated areas familiar only to Wall Street professionals and beyond even top MBA programs.

Benjamin Franklin once said "By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail". His caution could not ring truer than in the high-risk world of entrepreneurship and business where risks are constantly lurking around the corner. At Globapreneurs, we hope to assist business professionals as they prepare to enter this world of high-intensity and competition. Our foundational educational program, "FAMMOUSS"® is a trademarked acronym that amalgamates the critical arenas for sustainable entrepreneurship and business leadership:

  • F: Finance
  • A: Accounting
  • M: Macroeconomics
  • M: Markets
  • O: Options & Derivatives
  • U: Uncertainty & Risk Management
  • S: Sales & Marketing
  • S: Strategy

In addition to above, world-class Managerial Negotiations is taught LIVE from New York by renowned Columbia Business School & NYU faculty within the program as a featured session.

Prior to the classroom session, (pre-program phase), admitted program participants are provided with specific preparatory material including business cases from world's leading global business schools (MIT Sloan, Harvard, Columbia, London Business School etc.) that will be utilised during the Program. In addition, participants receive Advanced MS Excel and Powerpoint, as well as Statistics & Probability for Business Professionals training at the beginning of the Program. The Program requires an intermediate level of familiarity with these tools, and as such, it is imperative that participants brush up relevant technical skills, if they haven't already done so.

When it comes to sustainable entrepreneurship and business success, knowledge and experience matter! The FAMMOUSS® Foundations provides an ideal platform for participants from various life stages of a business, from individuals with established businesses looking to improve their profitability or manage risk, to non-'Finance & Accounting' or non-'Marketing' backgrounds as they venture into their business careers or ventures.

* Limited class sizes (~50 students), admissions through online application process.