Private Equity & Venture Capital Partnerships

Globapreneurs holds relationships with various strategic partners and PE/VC investors as well as various investment banks. We work on selective deals in assisting with capital-raising and funding alternatives as part of the Globapreneurs Advisory segment. Please stay tuned for additional details on our parternships.

Industry Focus and The V-Network Community

Join our 'V-Network' community! From mobile-app development to 3D-printing, from automotive dealership and parts manufacturing to life-insurance, from food packaging to foreign exchange retailing, from biotechnology research labs to eco-tourism, and from exporting textiles to hospitality, our large network of professionals covers unparalleled breadth and depth in the marketplace and in supporting startups of all flavors (for mentoring, capital-raising and incubating).

As part of the V-Network entrepreneurial community, Globapreneurs follows a 3D-matrix model of maintaining its cutting-edge consulting capital as illustrated below. We maintain a database of industry experts that are further specialized in their respective functional core competence. Further, we deploy consulting resources in various geographies as illustrated depending on various factors that include assignment complexity, availability of resources, travel-cost considerations, among others. We also connect local mentors, where possible, for upcoming entrepreneurs - please contact us at if you are interested in mentoring or investing in such opportunities.

Select Experience & Engagement of Globapreneurs Professionals