The "ROI" in Pursuit of Business Excellence

Want to expand your global distributorship? Or open more retail locations? Or start new foreign exchange locations in international hubs such as Delhi & Mumbai? Or start a brand franchise? Or sell the next big mobile app? Or open a licensed practice such as a dentistry or law firm? Or export your textiles or garments to Europe or into U.S.? Or starting real-estate business in Australia? Or providing medical transcriptions to U.S. & U.K.? Or start manufacturing supply chain in China or India? Raise capital from investors or tap into Foreign Direct Investment? Pursue a career in investment-banking or become an angel investor?

Businesses as diverse as they may seem, often have much more in common with one another when it comes to basics. And while we explore tremendous and unique insights as well as well-kept secrets across various industries in our program, we believe that there is no substitute to a strong foundational knowledge to build a sustainable business or develop a honed business instinct.

Guesstimating a Return-On-Investment (“ROI”) on 21st century business knowledge and education depends upon context, a participant’s background prior to enrolling into FAMMOUSS® Foundations experience, his/her realistic aspirations and professional (and sometimes personal) path following the program over a period of time, and opportunity cost, which are all critical inputs, akin to calculating any other educational program’s ROI.

The latest 2016 survey for a 10-year ROI for world's top regular MBA programs is summarized in this excellent compilation, with ROIs estimated at 279% for Columbia Business School, 320% for Harvard Business School and 325% for Stanford GSB. In addition to the two-year investment, each of these programs required a substantial investment of approximately $150,000 in tuition & fees, notwithstanding opportunity costs for attending a full-time MBA program.


We believe that the FAMMOUSS® Foundations enrollment tuition & fees of Rs. 50,000 (approx. US$750) for the transformative, one-week bootcamp that mirrors and even builds on Ivy League curriculum with real-world Wall Street and entrepreneurial experiences, is a tiny investment with extraordinary returns for both a serious entrepreneur or business leader. With faculty and alumni engagements directly from Columbia Business School, case-based teaching, exposure to private-equity & venture capitalists, investment professionals and other successful entrepreneurs, you simply cannot afford to miss out!

Somewhat antithetically however, we also believe that quantifying an “education” ROI for specific entrepreneurs such as Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Peter Thiel*, Jack Welch, Craig Barrett, John D. Rockefeller (examples of a tiny few that constitute an impressive group lead/led the world’s most successful organizations) would be downright silly. The same could be construed for any high school education or a college degree since, by definition, the answer depends upon the context of the ultimate use of those acquired skill-sets. And finally, the same could be argued for fields of excellence, such any top athlete's extraordinary ability achieved by his/her investments in himself/herself.

Even if somehow performance could be desegregated into its “educational component”, the ROI for any business educational program is likely to be diverse, with positive outliers (incredibly successful entrepreneurs) skewing the distribution disproportionately (interestingly, Globapreneurs insists that these positive outliers are a result of strong foundational knowledge). With a mission to personally assist our alumni in their business endeavors both during and after the program, we are confident that your investment in the FAMMOUSS® Foundations Program brought to you by Globapreneurs will yield ROIs way beyond your expectations.

Finally, we are excited to confirm that the Winning Team in the Business Case competition on Final Day will be entitled to 100% tuition refund! How’s that for an ROI? We are looking forward to seeing you in the classroom and beyond!

* Note:Peter Thiel's "Zero to One" is one of our strongly recommended books/ readings on entrepreneurship and related philosophy.